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Win the battle against bugs with Ecosan Pest Management

New Zealand is a beautiful country, but we share it with a host of creepy crawly types. Some of these like to come right into our homes and businesses, where they are definitely not welcome. If you want to be free of the headaches and frustration caused by sharing your space with spiders, cockroaches, or other unwelcome invaders, talk to Ecosan about professional pest control in Auckland.

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Ecosan offer family and pet friendly pest control services

Human-friendly products offer little or no quarantine time when applied to your property, so Ecosan’s pest eradication is a quicker service. Generally, it takes around two hours for a domestic house. Our products are low allergen for the health and comfort of you and your loved ones. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the hardworking yet people-safe products used in Ecosan pest control.

Common pests eradicated in no time

There’s a number of bugs that might be lurking in your home – or trooping across your floors and benches. Ecosan’s comprehensive range of pest management services can eradicate infestations from domestic and commercial environments. Let Ecosan tackle the following for you:

  • Bed bugs – these tiny wingless insects like to make a home in plenty of places close to where you sleep. They come out at night, leaving you with itchy swollen bites. Bed bugs are prolific egg layers, so act fast to eradicate them before they spread.
  • Cockroaches – one of the world’s most detested pests, they can carry human diseases in and on their bodies. Cockroaches range in size from around 12mm to as long as 40mm. Thankfully, the largest of them are also less prevalent. You’ll want these exterminated for the good health of your loved ones.

  • Fleas – tiny wingless parasites that can be a big problem for pets and their people. Another itchy-bite pest that can spread quickly from host to host. There are plenty of flea control products that pet owners will know well, but for highly efficient flea eradication go straight to the pros and talk to Ecosan.
  • Ants – feared in kitchens around the world, ants nest in your garden or building and become a problem when they head indoors in search of food and water. As we all know, when they find it, they bring their friends! There are a number of ant species in NZ and ants can be a tough pest to control. DIY options may serve as a short-term way of diverting ants from your pantry, but most infestations become severe if not treated.

  • Flies, spiders, bees, borer, carpet beetles, mosquitos, and more…

The list of potential pests in your home or business is lengthy and even a little intimidating. Bugs are part and parcel of living in a beautiful, biodiverse country like New Zealand, but you don’t have to put up with them in your personal space. To take decisive, effective action against what’s bugging you, contact Ecosan for more information and a free quote.

Get rid of rats with Ecosan Rodent Control and Sanitation

Along with insect pests, rats and mice can be a big hassle in some Kiwi homes. Rodents love to live close to humans and share their food, but humans are understandably less enthused. Throughout history, rats and mice have been responsible for a lot of harm to the human race as they’re voracious eaters and can transmit disease.

Rodents are also destructive creatures. They’ll gnaw on wiring, leading to electrical fires, and contaminate food products & preparation equipment with their droppings.

Ecosan can help you with effective rat and rodent eradication and sanitation services – contact our friendly staff to find out more.

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